Beginning with a successful run of Academy Award Nominated films, Gerard's entry into the world of visual design was via animation at the renowned Sullivan Bluth Studios where he contributed his creative talents to no less than six major animated feature films, two of which were produced by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas: 'An American Tail' and'The Land Before Time'.

Spreading his creative wings he became Production Designer for both
Euro Animation Studios and Animedia who's list of projects included the award winning 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' TV series.
Gerard also oversaw production  in Korea, Poland, Czech Republic, UK and Ireland.

In 2004 Gerard expanded his creative horizons by embracing web technologies, graphical design and creative marketing solutions. By combining the use of cutting edge software with his creative style of design he has gone on to create many unique brand identities and has helped develop internet/eCommerce websites solutions for an ever growing list of  clients.

Gerard also lectures at the prestigious International Academy of Computer Training in Dublin.

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